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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Its been a while since I've posted on my crafty blog but the covid pandemic has meant I've not been able to hold my regular scrapbooking and card making sessions with my ladies. I do miss the social side of being with them, a good chat, a place to offload sometimes but always lots of laughter. Lets hope we get to back to "normal" after we've had our vaccines.

But during the pandemic I have still been scrapbooking! 

Here's a few pages

This is a page from a zoom session we did. Patterned paper cut into squares and then corner to corner to create triangles. They are "scuffed" along the edges and then completely cover the entire background cardstock. I am a member of Kew gardens and love the perennial flower border. I always take my camera to Kew as the border is filled with insects too.

A re-do of an old layout which I was never really happy about. Doilies and lace at the top and bottom with strips of patterned paper in between. I cant ice skate at all, I'm a side-clinger!

Another re-do of an old layout. This was a lovely day on the south coast, stretches of sand with hardly anyone on the beach.

A page from New Years Eve. No parties or meeting friends so a comfy night by the fire with a glass of homemade, homegrown cherry plum liqueur. Lovely!  Stamped and painted background, no paper but a whole load of golden stars and fine gold thread

Two more re-do pages. First is paper strips laid out to represent a Christmas tree. 

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